I’m going on an adventure!


Nakou, leaving Marseille

Hi guys,it’s been long time since i’ve posted on this blog and the reason was I’ve moved on another city this last month because I was accepted to a great school of Computer Engineering (know as “Ecole des Mines”).

That was a big surprise because I’ve never believed they would want me, because i’m old and because i’m not good at school.

But, here i am, and it’s a big start for a great adventure. During 3 years I will learn more about programming in one of the better school in France. But it’s not the end of videogames, it’s a contribution. I will continue to makes games and i promise to post more on this blog.

So, i’ve to make some announcements :

– I’ve paused for too long my work on “Girder Madness” and it seems like i’ve to restart it again. Still on Unity3D but now I know how it works and it will be better if i start again from scratch (considering this like a big refactoring).

– With Ju Lia and Baenshee, we are going to start to work together like a company. We will try to build some bases during the next 4 years to create an enterprise at the end of our studies. We have some projects on targets, and if everything going well, we probably publish something soon about all of that.

– I’ve started to work in another company for my studies as engineer in apprenticeship. It’s a lot different than my old company and there is less moment for real and interesting code. So I will probably frustrated and will want to make complex code at home, what is very good for game developement, actually.

So, there is in fact somes good news here.

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