jSiGE, Java Simple Game Engine

Hello guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything.
Those days, I was really busy.

It’s my Final exams since 1 week (and so my preparation start one month ago). And I started some works with @JusLila, a fantastic coder from my school.

It’s this last part which is important, because during her formation on Slick2D, we made some cool way to manage states, physics and some stuff like that.

I’ve just compiled it into a library, and it’s Open, so if you want to use it, OR fork it, you’re welcome.

Also if you have some ideas of improvements, please comment this article!

There is no doc (or JavaDoc) but it will come soon!



Finally, we planned a new 2D game for the end of the year. It will be an RPG with a style very particular.

About “Girder Madness” : For the same reasons, I’m late on my┬áschedule but it’s still in dev, and I have to make the map creator and implement the Online part. So stay patient, it will come before the end of the summer, I promise.

See ya guys. Next time you’ll have some news about “Girder Madness” =).

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