Nakou Self Challenge’s #1

Hello guys, I’ve done something a little crazy this week, and at last, I want to tell you what it’s goin during it!

So, In monday, we encounter some trouble with our repository of our “Unity3D” project, and we were stuck for some days, and an idea pop into my brain : “What happen if today I want to make a game from scratch?”.

So I take my favorite language, Java, the lowest integrated library I can find on it (in this case, awt and swing, who I’ve never use), and I start to make some code.

So, there is the Captain Nakou Logbook’s, from these days, for sharing my experience with you guys!

Hope you enjoy, my private’s joy and shame moments!

Have fun guys.

Captain Nakou

Day 1 Monday – Thuesday :

Baenshee has totaly blow the Unity repo, so we are stuck for 2 days. Appear to me I’m a fatty looser who can’t develop a game.
During the night, I read a lot of documentation about Java (my favorite language) awt, socket and stuff, and I said to myself “Yea, I can do it!”.
I wasnt sleeping because I was thinkin about the crazy stuff I can do with a little inspiration and a LOT of documentation.
I’ve took my “Technobook” (a scrapbook where I note all my ideas) and I made the (already seen on TV, PC and stuff) Samorpg concept.
Day 2 Thuesday :
I started to develop it during my lunch pause. Awt makes dev complicated, so I’ve decided, at night, after a complete day filled with fighting java.awt
to improve it with swing, to start at a level up. But I never use it, so I started to zero, like with awt.
Day 3 Wednesday :
During my lunch pause, I made a pseudo-game engine, but I didnt finish it.
At night, I’m face to a strange problem between JFrames and JPanels. I give up and go to bed very angry.
At this point, I really think I’m a complete moron who can’t develop a game.
Day 4 Thursday : ( FUCKIN GREAT DAY )
During my lunch pause, I can’t touch my code, because there is a lot of work at the office, and I’m still stuck, and desperate.
At Night, an old coworker (who quit our work) come to rescue me, and blow all the conception I’ve understood with swing, and unstuck me.
At 2:30 am, I’m goin to bed with a close fonctunal GameEngine/FrameWork, ready to implement GameLogic. I decided to finish it, whatever it cost.
I think, at this stage of developpement, with a painfull headache, that’s the grateful think I’ve ever have, just because I’ve made all of
this little peace of shit myself, and sometimes, I found the logic of “jMonkeyEngine” or “Unity3D” inside my code, some stuff which,
now, have some familar face. That’s really cool.
Day 5 Friday :
During my lunch pause, I found a FPS problem (flash). But the PCs at work are olds, so I’ve passed it, and start to develop the Client/Server part.
At the start of tonight (it’s 7:38 PM now), I finally found a solution for the flashes of the screens. Bad news, it come from awt. He dont know how to
make a native double buffering. So, I’m goin to use JPanel and JFrame for the confort of the players. I have to inverstigate how the 4KGames do to fix that
without swing x).
Day 5 Friday-Saturday :
I give up! It’s to hard to finish it this night, and I’m to tired to continue, and I promise to continue to dev my main project tomorrow, Girder Madness.
But, that’s one of the best experience in my developper’s life, because I’ve never try to do that :
Start a game from scratch.
I have little experience with irrlicht (C++), great with lwjgl / Slick / jMonkeyEngine (Java) and today I work with Unity3D but never in my life,
I ever done something that complicated.
But I’m proud of myself. I know today I can do it, I can understand everything, everytime, as long I have a documentation, Internet and sometimes friends to help me,
I can create a complete game or whatever I want.
I know the code I’ve made during this week is not perfect, because, first, it’s not complete, I dont think it work in fact, but it’s Open Source, so you can get
it and test it, update it, do whatever you want :p, and secondly, I haven’t make optimization or something on it, so it can be probably laggy.
Anyway, Monday, I’m pretending to be a developper, today I am.

Here’s the repo github :

Special Thank : : For telling me one day ” The guy who wants to reinvent the wheel is a little stupid, but the guy who doesn’t know how to reinvent it is a huge moron. ” : For doesn’t laugh at me at work when, actually, I’ve tried to reinvent the wheel.

and particulary to : For me unlocked with his knowledge in Swing/Awt. You really made my day this time, bro.

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