The Adventure continue


The adventure continue

Hi guys, Like I promised, there is a new post to tell you what is going on here.

Like I’ve said in my last article, i’ve started to work with two people who are @baenshee and @JusLila and we are doing something right now which can probably interest you :
We build a “Game Engine” for LibGDX. Instead of using LibGDX and recreate same processus again and again (like graphics managers or screens handler), we decided to build something easy to use, and which can build games in an easier way.

It’s a very cool work, and I enjoy it very much (I’ve builded 75% of the project x) ).

For now, the code is still closed but soon, you’ll be able to download the .jar project AND the source code to fork it, refactor it, or just get in. For free of course.

We planned to release an Alpha version for the begining of November with the next features :

2D Support

  • Screen Manager
  • World-based Achitecture
  • Graphical-Object Manager/Auto-Render
  • GUI Manager/Auto-Render
  • TiledMap Manager/Auto-Render
  • 2DBox Support

3D Support

  • Nothing for now.

And it’s not Android-Optimised, this is planned for Beta.

Of course, we plan to make it 3D-ready with the same easy way we build for the 2D system. Our goal is to allow you to make faster games which look like Pokemon X/Y in graphics.
At last, we want to build a Sockets/Threads system to make complete Client/Server-ready application.

It’s a very big project but we work hard on it, and I hope, when it’ll be aviable, there’ll a lot of people for try it and sends us feedback.

In the future article, I’ll probably post the link to the Engine. So stay tuned and come back on November.




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