Welcome in my (our) Indie Website

Hello girlz and boyz. Welcome to Captain Indie & Co, a new branch of Nakou.net.

During several weeks, people have seen me work, test and publish some images of a game I am developing on my spare time.

So, Twitter is a great way to talk about all of that stuff, not just this game, but all of the indie game scene, but sometimes, it’s not enough. Sometimes, I want to share my¬†disappointment, my victories and my failures.

Sometimes I want to show you some awesome images and, sometimes, just show you what’s the incredible’s game I found this week.

So, for all of that, I created this blog, the second, 100% in English, to touch, and communicate with the largest audience we can.

And I will actually not be the only one sharing with you here.
Baenshee, my old fellow, will be here too, to talk about some cool stuff he found.

Maybe more people will eventually come here and talk, I’m thinking about a lot of friends from my school. We will see that soon.

Welcome again!

(The corrector, after doing his beautiful work, bids you welcome.)

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